Photo frame by yourself for the children’s room

A hand-made picture frame for the children’s room. In this article we will tell you how to make a beautiful frame for your photos.

Each photo is a unique phenomenon preserving in itself a part of some emotion. So, why not to place such images into unique frames and hang them on the wall in the children’s room or the living-room? Children, especially girls, will surely like photo frame. It will definitely decorate the interior of the children’s room:

Materials for domestic needlework:

• Paper – the usual color, gift or even unnecessary magazines
• A frame made of wood, which can easily be found in the store for needlework. Or maybe somewhere in the house an old frame is gathering dust?
• Adhesive
• Scissors
• Toothpick

You can start work:

• If there is a desire to update the coverage of the frame, you can do it now by painting it.
• Cut strips of paper.

handmade photo frame ideas
• Then all the stripes must be folded in half.
• Now you have to twist each strip with a wheel. Here, and a toothpick is useful, although you can completely do without its use. The ends of each wheel must be gently glued.

handmade photo frame ideas

handmade photo frame ideas
• Once the bright wheels have accumulated enough, you can proceed to fix them on the frame. Here and useful glue gun. Fastening parts can be chaotic, but be sure to press them for a strong bonding.

handmade photo frame ideas

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